Altrove is an exhibition about the Italian refugee camps in Austria during World War II. 
We were invited to think an image for the exibithion, which will display mainly old war photographs.
The design approach was based on the concept of community, a form of collective life characterized by profound bonds of belonging, mutual trust and dedication. The first step was to read the definition
of society in the dictionary:

“Set of individuals or parties joined to a variety of reports, including are established forms of cooperation, collaboration and division of labor, ensuring the survival and reproduction of the whole itself and its members.”

I started working on this concept thinking that I wouldn’t use the pictures in the manifesto, I wanted a simple and functional concept without any visual distraction.


Working on the limits of the manifesto and separating the word elsewhere into elsewh-here and linking the two of them with a passepartout, the idea was having a hole that transcended the spatial limits of the layout, two different entity’s being part of the same whole, like the Italians that were in the refugees camps. This could also use has a logo for the exhibition like in the image above.The attempt was to look like that the word proceed out and falls into the spaces of the manifesto.
I used a classic 12 column grid with the addition of the golden section.